The Definitive Protein Sequencing Platform

Although decoding the human genome through the invention of DNA sequencing has ushered in a new era of biomedical sciences, this blueprint is not enough. We are defined by more than our genes: to understand the human body, we must understand the proteins that actually perform our day-to-day functions–and malfunctions. Glyphic Biotechnologies is decoding the human proteome through full coverage, de novo protein sequencing at single molecule resolutions, advancing beyond the decades old technologies based on mass spectrometry and ELISAs. This platform will enable the development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics and, ultimately, a deeper understanding of human biology.

The Future of Proteomics

Protein sequencing can enable discovery of all proteins, including those that are rare and novel–potentially enabling the discovery and development of new diagnostics and treatments for diseases previously underserved with existing technologies.

Most common methods of unbiased protein identification can only detect proteins when 100,000 or more proteins are present, excluding many low-level expressing proteins. Recent technologies have low signal-to-noise ratios, which hinders their ability to acquire complete pictures of biological processes. To overcome this limitation, we have integrated chemical and biological sensors to greatly increase signal-to-noise and provide a robust method of sequencing proteins at single molecule resolution.