We are Glyphic

Glyphic Biotechnologies is decoding the human proteome through full coverage, de novo protein sequencing at single molecule resolutions, advancing beyond the decades old technologies based on mass spectrometry and ELISAs.

Our Team

Joshua Yang, M.Eng. MBA (he/him)

 Co-Founder and CEO

With a background in life sciences technology development, unmet clinical needs discovery, and biotechnology entrepreneurship, Josh invents and commercializes biomedical technologies that he can translate into clinical practice. He also works to identify promising biotech and healthcare innovations and startups for investment opportunities.

Currently, he is a co-founder and CEO of Glyphic Biotechnologies, a biotechnology startup commercializing a next-generation protein sequencing platform. His first startup Nephrosant has raised over $22M in funding to commercialize a low-cost, non-invasive diagnostic assay for kidney injury. He was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Healthcare list in 2021.


Investors & Advisors

Craig Asher, PhD (he/him)

General Partner, OMX Ventures

Craig is a founder of OMX Ventures. Craig has helped achieve success for companies such as: QuantaLife, Circadence Corporation, 10X Genomics, and Twist Biosciences amongst many other biotech investments.

Before launching into the field of investing, Craig was a senior software product manager in the nascent field of big data at IBM/Trigo Technologies and at Commerce One. Preceding his work in software development, Craig was a consultant at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). He started his career as a manufacturing engineer. His customers in software and consulting included pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical distributors, pharmacies, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, aerospace manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and large retailers.

Asher did his undergraduate work at Stanford University, and completed his MBA and Masters in Industrial Engineering at Northwestern University.

His pastimes include travel, foreign languages, history, and his long-enduring studies towards a masters degree in biochemistry and bioinformatics.  Always moving at high speed, Asher’s favorite hobby is running and he is proud to say that he has made tracks in 28 countries so far.

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